To pair your Activity Tracker, please follow these instructions:

Using your Quick Start Guide Step 5: Activity Wristband (V3) Getting Started Guide 


Follow these instructions: 

1. Open the Zewa Fit Pro app. 

2. In the "Device" tab, at the top in a blue box you'll see "Add Device". Tap on that, and the phone will search for devices. 

3. When it comes up with "Zewa AT3" on the list, tap that to select. 

4. Now the phone will send a signal to the watch, once the watch vibrates, tap on the watch itself to confirm the connection. (make sure to tap the white shape under the screen of the watch, the actual screen is not touch sensitive). 


5. Once you've tapped on the watch to confirm the Bluetooth connection, you'll see the option to tap "Confirm" on the bottom of your phone. Tap confirm, then make sure to allow any other pairing request or permissions that come up on the phone.

6. Now it will be Paired again, and the data should reload to the phone.