There are a couple of reasons why you can't feel anything. Please follow these steps to determine where the problem is:

Problem: The device does not turn on (there are no numbers on the LCD Display)

Solution 1:

Change the batteries

Problem: The device turns on, but still can't feel anything

Solution 1:

This device has 2 separate channels using 2 different wires and 2 intensity buttons. Once the electrodes are placed on your skin, turn up the intensity by pushing the up and down arrows. You will see intensity bars on the left and right side of the machine.

Solution 2:

If the intensity bars don't change, your device is in a Lock Mode. Unlock the device, by sliding the lock switch on the side of the unit to the unlock position.

Solution 3:

Make sure the electrodes are not placed more than 3" apart from each other. You can't just touch them, they have to be placed on your skin.

Solution 4:

1 or both of your wires are broken internally. Replace both lead wires.

Solution 5:

Your electrodes are worn out and need to be replaced

If these solutions do not resolve the problem, please call our customer service.