I can't feel anything, is there something wrong with my device?
There are a couple of reasons why you can't feel anything. Please follow these steps to determine where the problem is:

Problem: The device does not turn on (the LED's on the front of the unit do not turn on)

  • Solution 1:Change the batteries

  • Solution 2:Check the battery connectors inside the unit. If they don't touch the battery, there is no power. To resolve this issue, move the connectors forward.

  • Solution 3:If the timer turned the unit off, you have to turn both intensity knobs to the OFF position. This will re-set the timer and the TENS unit will turn on again.

Problem: The device turns on, but still can't feel anything

  • Solution 1:Make sure the electrodes arenot placed more than 3" apart from each other. You can't just touch them for testing, they have to be placed on your skin.

  • Solution 2:1 or both of your wires are broken internally. Replace both lead wires

  • Solution 3:Your electrodes are worn out and need to be replaced

If these solutions do not resolve the problem, please call our customer service at 888-993-3592.