When trying to pair the activity wristband it can't find the tracker. 


1) Pairing has to be done within the MyHealthConnected app, not in the phone's settings. Open the MyHealthConnected app and tap on the Menu icon (3 lines in the top left corner), then "Measurement Devices". Select "Connect" next to Activity Tracker (Ver 2).  On the next windows tap on the start button (Android only). 

2) For Android devices, the app will ask to turn ON "Location". This needs to be turned ON. 

For Android devices only: 

If the above steps still don't pair the tracker and it only shows scanning, do the following steps (this is a known Android bug on certain devices). 

1) In your phones' "Settings" - "Location" - turn location switch OFF and back ON. 

2) In your phones' "Settings" - "apps" (or applications), search for the MyHealthConnected App, tap on it and under "Locations turn the switch OFF and ON again.  "

3) In your phones' "Settings" - "Bluetooth" - turn Bluetooth switch OFF and back ON. 

4) Try pairing the Tracker again in the MyHealthConnected App. 

Note: Make sure that the tracker was not connected to another phone first, otherwise it has to be unpaired first.