These errors indicate a communication problem between Windows and the device. Please follow these steps to re-install the windows driver.

  • Exit the BPM Software.

  • Open device manager* in Windows.

  • Plug the USB cable into the computer and the BP monitor.

  • Expand the “Human Interface Devices” listing.

  • Under “Human Interface Devices”, uninstall the “USB Human Interface Device” which identifies the BP Monitor (do NOT delete the directory heading or any other devices, only this 1 entry in the listing of Human Interfaces). If you are not sure which one this is, unplug the BP monitor, check the listings on your PC. Plug in the BP monitor, the new listing is the one you need to uninstall.

  • Disconnect the USB cable from the BP Monitor and the computer. Turn the BP monitor off by pushing the START/STOP button. Wait a couple of seconds.

  • Connect the USB cable back into the computer, than into the BP monitor. Windows will re-install the driver for the BP monitor. Under “Human Interface Devices” you should now see the device listed (without any error indications from windows).

  • Close the device manager and control panel.

  • Re-start BPM.

  • Try downloading the data again.

* The device manager is located under “Control Panel” / “System” / “Hardware” / “Device Manager”.

If the problem continuous, contact Microsoft to resolve the connection problem.